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Why Choose Us

  • Community

    As the parents of three growing boys, Rob and Jessi understand the pressures faced by a busy modern family. That’s why they try to make your shopping experience as pain free as possible, offering an exceptional assortment of quality goods and fresh produce at reasonable prices.
  • Cleanliness

    At Tremblett's Independent we strive to keep our store clean and sanitary to provide you the best quality food and produce.
  • Service

    Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service. If you have trouble finding something, or are unsure about a product, ask any of the members of our team and they will be happy to help you!
  • Specials

    We are committed to bringing you the best deals in town. We have seniors discounts as well as weekly specials in-store and online.
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Proudly Supporting Our Community

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Food For Thought


Stay informed with the latest tips and advice. In our Food For Thought section you will find the information you need to maximize your trips to the grocery store and you can learn helpful pointers to maximize your nutrition from the foods that you already buy! CLICK HERE to check out some Food For Thought!

Jessi's Recipes



If you can't decide what to have for dinner or are just looking for a new recipe to try. Let Jessi help you out by sharing some of her favourite recipes!

CLICK HERE to see what Jessi recommends!



Quick Tips: Make Healthier Eating Fun For Kids!

1. Start introducing healthier foods into your family meals one at a time rather than trying to replace all of the not-so-healthy foods the kids love right away. Try to look for products and recipes that are really similar to their favourites so there’s less of a battle at dinnertime.

Tip: The kids will love the “fast food” appeal of our golden and crispy PC® Blue Menu™ Pub Recipe™ Chicken Nuggets and you’ll love that they’re made with white chicken breast meat, trans-fat free and contain 50% less fat than PC® Pub Recipe™ Chicken Strips.

2. Rather than making a big announcement about healthier eating which may get the kids’ guards up, just start stocking the fridge and cupboards with everyday items that also have some hidden benefits. They may not even notice they’re eating healthier!

Tip: Swap your everyday white bagels with our Blue Menu™ PC THINS™ Multigrain Bagels. They’re high in fibre, low in sodium and a source of omega-3 polyunsaturates.

3. Kids are notorious for being picky eaters when it comes to trying something new, but the fact is they’re more likely to eat foods if they helped prepare them. Get the kids more involved by asking them to help prepare meals or set some time aside to do a fun and easy baking activity.

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Who Are We

Tremblett’s is proud to be serving the Ingersoll community. Tremblett’s Your Independent Grocer is the only owner/operated supermarket in the area. Owners Rob and Jessi are proud to offer a complete line of President’s Choice and ACE Bakery products along with all the quality brands you expect to find at a full-service, neighbourhood grocer.

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  • Lynette LeGoff Schnarr

    I personally think this store is very well kept! The staff for the most part is friendly! I can find someone if I need help. LOVE the big selection of joe fresh clothing!!!

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